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These are the bands that were on the charts:

The Stones came out with Their Satanic Majesties Request in 1967, which was their response to Sgt. Pepper:

And then followed up with Beggar's Banquet in 1968 and they broke out of the shadow of the Beatles with singles like:

Jimi Hendrix and Cream (Eric Clapton) came along and developed virtuosity in rock. The guitar solo became more important than the vocals.

Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, but ended up in London in the mid 60s after touring with bands like Little Richard; he was discovered by Chas Chandler in NY and was persuaded to come back to London and record there. Hendrix met Clapton and they became friends and they also had a friendly competition.

Jimi Hendrix:

This is fucking awesome - I just found this:

More experimental numbers:

Cream and Eric Clapton (with bassist Jack Bruce and drummer Ginger Baker) used traditional blues (Clapton only wanted to play traditional blues) but Jack Bruce came up with some great psychedelic stuff:

As You Said sounds so much like Radiohead, you can tell where Thom Yorke got his influences.

The professor talks about this rivalry with Cream and Hendrix and they released albums at the same time and each subsequent album tried to one up the one before. These six albums are some of the most influential on rock guitar:

Fresh Cream - Cream - December 1966
Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix - May 1967
Disraeli Gears - Cream - November 1967
Axis: Bold as Love - Jimi Hendrix - December 1967
Wheels of Fire - Cream - July 1968
Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix - October 1968

Other popular acts:


Them with Van Morrison:

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