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I made these glazed snow peas tonight:

with snow peas from the farmer's market. So delicious.

Also, I made a pork roast, and we have a new meat thermometer:

Which I believe was recommended to me by [ profile] skywhisperer and it did a PERFECT job. Well worth the money. The pork was tender, moist and delicious.
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Mom has requested baked macaroni and cheese (as opposed to baked chicken and rice which was on the board), so tomorrow I will make mac & cheese. So I have to go to the store and get cheese. I also need to get pizza toppings because on Saturday I am making pizzas! Our pizza stone arrived today and it's really cool.

I'm making this dough:

Which is half whole wheat flour, and Mom wants a white pizza vegetarian style so I am making one white pizza and one regular pizza. Dad will just have some of both.

On an unrelated note, I am really enjoying this season of Survivor. There is a person who is clearly in charge (her name is Kim) and everyone just idolizes her and she's the best player since soft core porn actor Brian Heidik won in season 5. Everyone thinks they are in the final 3 with her and no one is questioning her. And she just plays everyone masterfully. But she owns a bridal gown shop, so I bet she's A) a fabulous salesperson and B) used to dealing with immature people throwing fits. For the first time ever in the history of the show (they are on season 24), the final five players remaining in the game are all women. A women's alliance finally held to the end. It's been really great watching it. Women don't do this enough on Survivor and men always say, "Women can't hold it together" but they can and they have. And that's really cool.
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I have had some sort of Apple product in my house since 1998. I've had an iMac, an iBook, 2 iPods and I have an iPhone.

I loved all of these products. My iBook was the first ever model - it had this blueberry rubberized shell and I remember once that in a big car accident, my passenger door opened on impact and my iBook (with no case - it was just sitting on the seat next to me) was sent flying into the gutter. I remember how fucked up my car was, how shitty I felt physically, but when I got home, put the iBook on the table, pressed the power button and that Apple "BWONG!" sound was music to my ears. That was a great piece of equipment.

Steve Jobs, the world of technology is going to miss you. You died too soon, and it just goes to show that all the money in the world can't save you when the grim reaper is determined to take you.

RIP, man.
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I love this couch. I bought it from IKEA in 2007 and it has these removable and changeable couch covers. Every couple of years it's like getting a new couch! Sadly, this is my last cover. I wonder if IKEA still carries covers for the Klippan sofa. I will have to check.

ETA: They do! Here's their only current print:

I like it! It's only $49.99. I should buy it.
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For $2, you can buy small amounts of specific spices to put in the recipe on the back.

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Have you all seen this yet?


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