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I was going through YouTube finding New Year's themed songs for FB and I found this bootleg of the Decca audition record The Beatles made in 1962. Decca listened to this and decided not to sign them:

And I can see why. It's mostly Paul singing and his singing is uninspired and lackadaisical and only John's few songs POP with that Beatles pop. I can see where George Martin could listen to this and listen to the band and see the potential, and then he took that potential and molded it into Please Please Me (which I'm going to listen to next as a contrast) and also George Martin put John up front and center with the vocals and the songs and I can see that that was a genius move, because John is so much more electric than Paul. John's voice sounds otherworldly.

Also on this record is them singing To Know Him Is To Love Him which is a Phil Spector song and Phil Spector would go on to produce Let It Be and All Things Must Pass for George and Imagine for John. Also, trivia for the day, Phil Spector's father commit suicide when Spector was a boy and on his gravestone is "To Know Him Is To Love Him"

Anyway, this Decca audition record is horrible, but great, you can really see what George Martin saw in them at EMI and how he was able to take this sort of blah base and transform them into The Beatles.
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These are the bands that were on the charts:

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The London scene did not have a lot of direct contact with San Francisco so it was more an interpretation of the movement. Allen Ginsberg was someone who traveled to London in 1965 and organized a poetry meeting "Poets of the World/Poets of Our Time" at the Royal Albert Hall and psychedlia begins to bloom in London.

Then Michael Hollinshead opened the World Psychedelic Center in London in Fall 1965. In 1966 the Indica bookshop opens up (where John Lennon gets his copy of The Psychedelic Experience, parts of which end up in Tomorrow Never Knows). Also in 1966 was the London Free School that had people having dialogues about the culture, and then in Dec 1966 the International Times were published as an answer to SF's The Oracle. There was also a UFO Club which was where people gathered to drop acid and trip.

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So these are the underground groups.


Nov. 18th, 2011 06:40 pm
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So today I saw some really good trailers. I saw the trailer for The Woman in Black which is this period piece ghost movie with Daniel Radcliffe and it looks awesome and really spooky. And I also saw a trailer for Titanic! They're re-releasing it in the theaters in April in 3D and I am so fucking excited for this. I LOVE Titanic. I have been obsessed with the Titanic since I was a little kid and James Cameron made the most amazing film, and the sinking of the ship is a masterpiece. I can't wait to see it in 3D. I know it'll be good because James Cameron wouldn't release a shit product. The trailer was so visually striking and it made me gasp and I got chills when Molly sees the massive propellers coming out of the water as the ship tips completely upright. Great fucking flick. I saw it 3 or 4 times in the theater back in the 90s and even though I'm not really a big fan of 3D, I'm looking forward to seeing it on the big screen again. It's such an epic film.

Poll Time!

Aug. 9th, 2010 08:48 pm
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I'm watching a bunch of episodes of "Ancient Aliens" from the History channel about evidence that aliens visited us a long time ago and there are stories in the bible, the Bhagavad Gita and other ancient texts and art that shows aliens, up to and including ancient nuclear battles. So, It got me wondering how you hyenas think.

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Thursday June 3rd:

Arrive at ORD at 16:32. Check in at hotel. Haven't decided what to do with my Thursday night yet.

Friday June 4th:

10:00 Architectural Riverboat Cruise for an hour.
11:00-14:00 TBD
14:00-16:00 Walking Tour - Historic Downtown (north): Treasures of Culture & Commerce
16:00 meet [ profile] wobblerlorri at the hotel, catch up with her
18:00 dinner with [ profile] wobblerlorri
20:00-23:00 Two comedy shows with [ profile] wobblerlorri

Saturday June 5th:

Morning with [ profile] wobblerlorri at the Planetarium
Lunch with [ profile] wobblerlorri
Afternoon catching up on internet at hotel while [ profile] wobblerlorri naps
Evening is dinner with [ profile] jblaque and company at the Chinese BBQ
Late evening get shitfaced with [ profile] jblaque and company at the bar

Sunday June 6th:

Morning: send [ profile] wobblerlorri back to the airport
10:00-12:00: Walking Tour: Historic Downtown (south): Rise of the Skyscraper
Lunch somewhere
Afternoon: DuSable Museum of African American History
Evening: Dinner somewhere nice Rosebud [Thanks [ profile] jblaque] and then relax at the hotel!

Monday June 7th:

Morning & Early afternoon: The Art Institute!
17:25 my flight home from ORD to LGB

I am so excited!
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I got up to pee at 5:42am and I noticed that currently playing on the TV (I fell asleep with the History Channel playing in the background) was some show that was mentioning Thomas Cranmer and the Catholic Church and all of a sudden my ears perked up and I hit the "guide" button on my DirectTV console. It's a 2 hours documentary on the Protestant Reformation. Well, you know I'm just creaming my knickers with that, and on a lark I hit the "record" button and my DVR was able to "record" it back to it's beginning at 5am because it had already been on that channel! How awesome is that???

It's little shit like this that makes me a very happy woman. So now I'm awake and watching the show from the beginning.
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Be welcomed by NYC

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Bush could never have been this articulate on September 12, 2001.
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I adore the series Big Love on HBO. It's well written, amazingly acted, and just perfect in almost every way.

Now I read Television Without Pity's board on the show, and someone offhandedly mentioned that Mitt Romney's father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, which is the outpost for polygamists who have fled the country under persecution from the federal government of the US. So I did a little digging and found this article:

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to smear Mitt Romney, as I really don't care all that much if his family was polygamist in the late 1800s-early 1900s or not; but the article is fascinating. The whole concept of Mormon polygamy is fascinating. I watched a documentary on PBS a couple of weeks ago on the Mormons and their history is so interesting.


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