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There is actually SOME Christmas music I like! Since I'm not all bah humbug this year I'm listening to some Christmas music, here are my three favorites:

Merry Christmas everyone! I love you all!
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OMG this looks so good.

I know [ profile] lilredfh loves pineapple, so I made her pineapple upside down cake! It turned out really well. I followed the recipe on the Dole website:

I did not make any substitutions, so this is a full sugar cake.

I'm excited to see her!
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Thursday June 3rd:

Arrive at ORD at 16:32. Check in at hotel. Haven't decided what to do with my Thursday night yet.

Friday June 4th:

10:00 Architectural Riverboat Cruise for an hour.
11:00-14:00 TBD
14:00-16:00 Walking Tour - Historic Downtown (north): Treasures of Culture & Commerce
16:00 meet [ profile] wobblerlorri at the hotel, catch up with her
18:00 dinner with [ profile] wobblerlorri
20:00-23:00 Two comedy shows with [ profile] wobblerlorri

Saturday June 5th:

Morning with [ profile] wobblerlorri at the Planetarium
Lunch with [ profile] wobblerlorri
Afternoon catching up on internet at hotel while [ profile] wobblerlorri naps
Evening is dinner with [ profile] jblaque and company at the Chinese BBQ
Late evening get shitfaced with [ profile] jblaque and company at the bar

Sunday June 6th:

Morning: send [ profile] wobblerlorri back to the airport
10:00-12:00: Walking Tour: Historic Downtown (south): Rise of the Skyscraper
Lunch somewhere
Afternoon: DuSable Museum of African American History
Evening: Dinner somewhere nice Rosebud [Thanks [ profile] jblaque] and then relax at the hotel!

Monday June 7th:

Morning & Early afternoon: The Art Institute!
17:25 my flight home from ORD to LGB

I am so excited!
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Mom and Dad adopted Zoe today, because Lily has been clingy and obnoxious and they wanted to get another cat. Isn't she the cutest little butterball? She's about 2 years old and so sweet and calm.


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13 years ago this week Theodore was born. I got him 3 months later as a 12 week old kitten - and he was so small and skinny! And now he's giant and fat.

I love my Fatty Theo. Thank you for bringing me such joy and love.


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I love you Bill - heal quickly.
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I just voted for my man Dennis (and 2 others) to be sponsored by Firedog Lake! Vote for him and 2 others at:
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greeneyedsadie: (Dance with a fat girl)
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Embed won't work.

I just love this scene. It's perfect. I wish I could find a video that goes another 20 seconds where he lifts her up and takes her "to the bed". I might look for it later when I get to work.

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spoiler for those who haven't seen this week's Mad Men yet )
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Sheldon! Nerd Show is coming soon! SMOOCH
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Sorry about the crappy phone camera quality. He was so cute so I had to be really quiet and the phone is silent whereas the good camera makes clicks and whirs.
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I was sitting on the can taking a crap just now, and Theo came in to join me for moral support, and I composed a poem in his honor while sitting:

Theodore, oh Theodore,
My tuna of fat,
My favorite cat.
You are so sweet,
With your little white feet,
Begging for just one more pat.
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For my beloved [ profile] bebo_65:


May. 29th, 2009 07:01 pm
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Theo just came in and hopped on the stool next to my computer chair to mew at me for attention. I turned to look at him and he had a piece of gooshy food on his head.

On the top of his head, between his ears.

[rolls eyes]


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