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Mom and Dad are coming home tomorrow, so I decided to spend today at their house in the quiet solitude of their place. They live on the golf course, and there's never anyone around. I took several pictures:

This morning I sat out on the patio with the cats, reading the new Michael Connelly book (I have to finish it tonight (about 3/4 done) because I have to give it back to Dad tomorrow) and enjoying the morning air.

Then I laid down on the couch for a while, and was accompanied by Lacy. I read about 200 pages of the book just like this.

I fed the ducks! They all marched down the fairway from the water hazard, and ate. That's only about 1/3 of the flock.

And Mom and Dad have good food and wine. Mmmmmm.

I just went out a few minutes ago to start the BBQ and there was a family of deer meandering down the fairway, but it was too dark to get a pic.

I really love it here at their house.

ETA: Fuck yeah this steak is good. Steak with salt rub, steamed white rice and red wine.
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The Wine - Clare Fader

There are 300 steps to my bed,
And I’ve had too many bottles of wine.
Maybe I’ll sit here and rest for a while,
And then I’ll be fine for my climb.

[repeat the stanza in German]

The Wine. The Wine.
Don’t Blame, the wine.
Blame the man,
Who sleeps,
In my bed.

Tonight I will sleep on the beach,
‘Cause I’ve had too many bottles of rum.
Maybe I’ll sit here and rest for a while,
And wait for the dawn of the sun.

[repeat the stanza in German]

The Rum. The Rum.
Don’t Blame, the rum.
Blame the man,
Who sleeps,
In my bed.

[stanza below in German]

My whole life is a torrid affair,
‘Cause I’ve had too many bottles of gin.
Marriage and babies were never for me,
And neither is living in sin.

The Gin. The Gin.
Don’t Blame, the gin.
Blame the man,
Who sleeps,
In my bed.

L is taking me to lunch tomorrow after my shift at the courthouse. Woohoo!
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So it's a beautiful morning, and my fridge is bare. I decide to drive into Santa Barbara to go to Trader Joe's and get some good food. I picked up a different triple cream brie (this is much sharper) from France, some feta from Israel, some havarti from Denmark, roasted yellow & red peppers (to go with the feta), a crispy baguette, some more Bogle Petite Syrah, and a few of their amazing frozen Mexican food products.

On the way back, it was 72 degrees and the hills on my drive home looked spectacular. The torrential rains of the last few weeks have made them green and the hills reminded me of Ireland. So I got out of my car in a few places and took pictures. Sorry these were taken with my crappy phone camera, but you get the idea.

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ETA: This Israeli feta is amazing! God this is the best feta I have ever had. Eating it on baguette with roasted peppers. Mmmm...I am going to explode from cheese overindulgence.


Feb. 1st, 2008 06:51 pm
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Cats fed and satisfied, check.

Glass of 2005 Bogle Petite Syrah, check.

Plate of sliced fresh baguette, check.

Plate of triple cream brie, out of the fridge since 5:00, check.

Make Me A Supermodel cued up on the Tivo, check.

Smile of anticipation on my face, check.

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Yellow Tail Shiraz Grenache, 2006. From South Eastern Australia. I really like this wine region. A good, slightly bitter red. Lots of currant undertones. This is a good wine to remember.
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Santa Barbara Winery 2004 Pinot Noir


And to be totally uncouth, I'm making baked chicken with rice. I know, I know, mixing poultry with red is trashy, but I don't have any white. Fuck it.

I can't wait to move to the Central Coast. I'm going to make a point to go to every winery within 100 miles. That will be a lot of fun.
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So today I'm driving the 3 hour ride home from my parents' house, and I get thirsty and also have to pee. So I pull over to this humongous gas station and go into the Stop N Rob shop and use the bathroom (very clean, I was happy to find) and got a Diet Coke and found I wanted something to munch on. So I went over to the chips and found:

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